Slide Stone: symbol of longevity The stone is an element of nature that it has the property of restoring memories and building new ones with the style it gives to the space it adorns. The advantages of stone is that, thanks to its natural beauty, it raises the decor one level higher. Tradition: symbol of folkway The tradition of the island comes to complete the overall experience at Nival Boutique Hotel. The folkway of Sifnos is key element in the decoration and the flavors that one encounters in the hotel. The advantages of the tradition are the direct contact and acquaintance with the daily life and life in general in Sifnos. The water, known since ancient times for its calming properties when one sees or hear it, comes to create an atmosphere of absolute peace. The advantages of the water element in space, not only constitute one of the two elements of fengshui (Ancient Chinese philosophy 风水 = wind and water), but it offers calmness, rejuvenation and positive energy in space and the present. Water element: symbol of calmness



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