Sifnos is one of the most enchanting islands of Cyclades, which offers the visitor unique moments of relaxation and certainly unforgettable memories. Activities in Sifnos vary and can meet the preferences and desires of all visitors.

Some of the experiences you should enjoy…

Due to the structure of the island, there are beaches that aren’t easily accessible by car or on foot, but this doesn’t prevent anyone from visiting these beaches and the surrounding islands by boat or sailing. Sea excursions in Sifnos are the ultimate choice for all visitors and you shouldn’t miss it!

For the seabed lovers, there is a diving center in Sifnos, where the specialized staff will guide you to the best spots for diving. You can trust your underwater ride in the experienced hands of professionals and be enchanted by the wonderful images of the seabed.

For those who exercise on vacation is synonymous with relaxation, could visit the beaches of Platys Gialos and Vathi. There they can go canoeing and discover the beauties of the place, but also choose between various water sports. The sunny days will be full of salt, laughter and fun!

For nature lovers who want to get to know Sifnos Island, there are many walking trails with 19 marked routes, covering an area of ​​about 200km. If you like exploring and walking, then a walk on the island is an ideal excursion for you, knowing at the same time the hidden aspects of Sifnos, from the mining road to the surrounding island.

The same routes can be done by bicycle or by horse, which are a special companion for all.

The history and museums of Sifnos

Sifnos has a rich history, starting from ancient times, continuing in the Middle Ages and reaching to the present. It has several museums that help visitors to acknowledge the island's culture, traditions and roots. They are:

  • Archaeological Museum of Sifnos at Castro
  • Archaeological Museum at the archaeological site of Saint Andrea
  • Museum of Folklore and Folk Art in Apollonia
  • Museum of Ecclesiastical Art in the monastery of Vrisi in Exabela

Cycladic Gastronomy Festival "Nikolaos Tselementes"

The festival-institution for Sifnos and Greece takes place at the beginning of September every year in Artemonas and lasts for three days, while it gets international recognition. Islands of the Cyclades and the Aegean present their gastronomic and cultural tradition to an amazing celebration of Greek Cuisine. Amateurs and professionals present the recipes of their places, while guests taste the flavors in an enjoyable walk. "Tselementakia", children aged 6 to 12 dressed as little cooks, participate in the fun with cooking games and competitions, exclusively for them. The closing of the culinary events every night is accompanied by music and dance events with traditional songs and dances of Sifnos and the other participating islands.

Sifnos is known for the pottery of its inhabitants from ancient times until today, but also for the excellent quality of clay structures. There are 19 pottery workshops, in which cooking and storage objects are prepared, such as flaros, mastelo, kanata, foufou, pithari, kouroupi, tsikali and armeos.

Every visitor of the island has at least one clay from Sifnos in their house. Why not make your own clay souvenir from Sifnos? A pottery class will excite you!

The fun in Sifnos comes with the sunset. Bars, restaurants and taverns turn on their lights and become ornaments on the island. Experience unforgettable moments with walks in the cobbled alleys, try delicious dishes and enjoy your drink with your loved ones every night in the unique Sifnos.



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